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Use this form to nominate a new trainee with ATDP. This form is only used where the trainee is totally new to ATDP.

To complete this form you must have the authority of your ESO to nominate a candidate. The candidate cannot nominate themself nor be named as their own mentor.

Nominating ESO details

ATDP has a large number of ESOs on file. Use the link to select your ESO.

If the ESO is not registered with ATDP, you will need to register it. To register an ESO, ring
08 8290 0499 during Adelaide office hours. You will be asked for details of a person who undertakes to maintain your ESO's data on the Advocacy Register.

Nominated candidate details

This is the person who is to be enrolled in the course 10620NAT, Course in Military Advocacy

At least one phone number is required: Mobile is preferred

Unit of Competency

Select the Unit of competency in which you wish this nominee to undertake in either the training or RPL pathway. Level 1 units apply to new entrants to military advocacy training. Level 2 Units are for experienced advocates who will undertake the Recognition of Prior Learning pathway.

Select the pathway to the qualification. Training pathway is for new entrants to advocacy; the RPL pathway is for experienced advocated who can produce sufficient and valid evidence of their skills and knowledge as detailed in the Unit of Competency


Details of a nominated mentor

Mentors are a vital part in the ATDP training process. Mentors constantly monitor a trainee and provide feedback about what a trainee may have learned or the way in which a particular task was undertaken.

To be a mentor of level 1 candidates, the person must hold a level 2 qualification in the same stream.

Mentors enter their feedback in the Workplace Experience Logbook of their trainees and notify ATDP when certain milestones have been achieved.

Has the mentor been contacted and been requested to undertake this task?

At least one phone number is required: Mobile is preferred

Nominator's details, declaration and submission

I declare that

  • I am the person named below and
  • I have the authority of the ESO selected above, to nominate this person to undertake ATDP training.
  • The candidate was chosen using the Guidelines for the Selection of Candidates and the ESO is satisfied the candidate displays all the characteristics which would make him/her suitable to work with vulnerable clients.
  • The candidate has been assessed as having the required computer skills necessary to conduct research, keep records and lodge online forms as required by an advocate.
  • The nominating ESO is satisfied that the nominated person has the literacy and numeracy skills required and that the training and assessment the person is to undertake is appropriate to the nominee.
  • The ESO accepts responsibility for meeting all costs associated with the training of the candidate, including travel and accommodation to attendance programs.
  • The information entered is, to the best of my knowledge, truthful and complete.

At least one phone number is required: Mobile is preferred

If this form does not submit, you will get either an error message or the field causing the problem will be highlighted with a red surround.